Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July and Phish

I went home to Atlanta this past weekend to see Phish and it was awesome. When Brant had originally told me they were playing over 4th of July, I thought there was no way we'd get tickets. Not only did we get tickets, but a group of 15 of us did! This was a few months ago so Brant and I had been counting down up to the very day of the show. :) What a fun day we had, too!

We started at Fado to watch the world cup (which was awesome!) and then he took me to lunch at Fatt Matt's which I'd never been to before. We split a rack of ribs but I swear, I could've eaten the whole thing. SO GOOD:
Afterward, we went for beers at Park Tavern and then it was finally time to meet the crew for the show. It was so fun being a tourist in my own city for the day! :) Not to mention, I miss Brant so much and it was just priceless seeing Phish together again after all this time:
I've never seen Phish play so amazing, ever. They blew my mind and I'm SO glad I was able to go. We went on the 3rd and, after seeing the setlist on the 4th, I'm psyched because our show was far better. I swear, those guys are an instrumental inspiration, seriously. I could watch them play for hours.

The rest of the weekend was awesome, too. Brant brought me home on Sunday morning and I headed straight out to see Tally and Dave briefly and to visit with Erica and Gianna. Erica and I had some adult time, hehe, at her pool while Gia had lunch and then we went back to play with her. She's growing like a weed and her sweet personality is shining through so much already! She's obsessed with books and "reading" right now. She literally went over to the bookshelf and got out several to show us:
She's darling. I loved visiting with them and the time is always just too short. :( Afterward, we had a cookout at home and I just loved spending the rest of the weekend with mom, dad, and Allison. Grace stopped by to show us Israel photos and it was just so nice to get that visit in, too. Overall, it was a perfect weekend home and I can't wait to go back in September. :) 

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