Monday, July 19, 2010

Comfort Takes Time

Honestly, Monday already? Good grief, it's like I was just in this office. Sigh. Enough "complaining". I will myself to have a tremendous Monday/week full of nothing but good things. Yay, positivity! :P

Aside from it flying by, I had the best weekend. I have to come right out of the gate with saying I had an amazing bike ride on Saturday morning. I'd been wanting to go for a long ride for several weekends now but I've either been out of town or the weather hasn't cooperated. Finally, Saturday morning proved to be perfect for a ride. I got out there and did 30 miles which felt absolutely awesome. Since I'm still rather timid in traffic, I did five loops of Central Park and really worked hard. Going up Harlem Hill (and Cat Hill for that matter!) five times isn't exactly easy but I kicked my own butt and powered through. I'm pretty much completely confident on the bike now and I basically just need a bit more time to feel totally comfortable on the street. I'm way better at dodging people and getting around them but NY traffic outside of the park is a different ballgame. I just can't wait until I AM stronger in that area so I can head into NJ or elsewhere for long rides away from cars. At any rate, it's taken time to get comfortable but it was another small victory for me. I was thrilled to feel so strong and secure.

The rest of the weekend was great with a very fun day/night out with friends after my bike ride. We attempted to have a fun touristy day and do things in the city we'd never done before but it didn't quite work out the way we planned. We had a lovely tour of 10th Avenue complete with a tire shop and plenty of graffiti, though. I crack up just thinking about it, hahaha. We did stroll through The Highline though which was neat and ended at Dos Caminos in Meatpacking. Afterward, it was off to check out SPiN which is a new pingpong (yes, I said pingpong) bar in Flatiron. This place was SO cool and different. I swear, NY is just so fun when you stop to realize just how many amazing and unique things there are to do here.

Sunday was full of cleaning and cooking. I felt like such a housewife, tee hee. I also got to catch up a bunch on the Tour and it continues to surprise. I swear, I'm making it my goal to go chase it in France next year! Anyway, it's officially week two of cooking for my client and things are going extremely well. I've been very happy with my dishes so far and he's been impressed and satisfied as well. It's a lot of work but it's something I really love which allows me to put my entire heart and soul into it. What a true blessing! I really thank god for hidden opportunity that's revealed through consistent faith and trust in his perfect plan. Once you're able to truly let go and believe, such incredible things begin to happen. It's just awesome.

That was my weekend and I look forward to some fun plans this week as well! :)

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