Monday, June 25, 2012

A Weekend In Misano Adriatico

Everyone loves the weekend but man, are they so treasured for me these days. I used to think I was sooooo tiiiiired all the time during my work week but it was nothing compared to the energy being sucked out of all of us now. When the weekend gets here, it's awesome for two reasons: 1) we can rest! and 2) we have weekends free which means we can travel, woooo!

Before coming to Italy, Gavin had told me about this pro bike race in the beach town of Misano Adriatico that he was definitely going to see. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to tag along with him. When we finally got here, we set the plan in motion to go and I was so happy that Trisha, Mo and John decided to join, too. We rented a car (which was an experience in itself) and we were off! I don't care that Mercedes are so common here, I still thought we were pimps:
The town most popular near Misano Adriatico is Rimini which is known for their nightlife. Since that's only about 15 kilometers away from where we'd be, we figured it'd be a happenin' place to spend the weekend. As we got into town, I started to giggle because everywhere you looked, there were old people. Old as in retired senior citizens, just chillin' on the beach in their speedos. I kept thinking where are we?! When we got to the hotel, it was actually a sea of old people in the lobby. We all just kinda looked at each other and laughed. None of us cared because, no matter what, we were gonna have fun...and we did. Plus, this was the view from our room which is pretty darn awesome if you ask me:
We got there around 10am on Saturday so, after dropping our stuff off, we went to get a coffee (on the beach, might I add!) while we waited on the taxi to come get us for for the race:
I must admit, I was a little unsure of how I felt about going to the motorcycle thing but it ended up being so much fun. I'm not too into the speed bikes but, much like with any sport, it is just incredible to see what these guys do. More than that, it was awesome to see Gavin so in his element and enjoying every minute of being there. These guys go SO fast on the track and I asked him a million questions to find out more about it. I think he enjoyed going over all the info with me, too. :) Dudes are such dudes sometimes, I swear. 
Too quick to catch:
Sorry, but this kinda stuff really makes me laugh:
We really did have a great time at the track. I'm so glad I went to see something like that. On the way back to the hotel, we found a go-kart track and holy balls, we were like little kids. I actually volunteered to hang back and take photos while everyone drove and I'm actually glad I did. I cracked up watching these guys out there. I don't know if it was because we'd just come from seeing racing but damn, these kids got all competitive out there. They're so cute, though:
I took ten million pictures and it was way too much to sift through so you'll just have to trust me that it was awesome.

When we got back to the hotel, we all changed and got ready for dinner. Some of the Mexican girls that are in our class were ironically in the same town for the weekend so we met up with them before. It was an absolutely gorgeous night and I really loved how the little town looked at dusk:
We ended up having to separate for dinner because our group was too big so me, Gavin, Trisha and Mo had a completely awesome dinner, right on the beach:
I only thought this happened in New York but one of those dudes selling flowers came randomly walking through the restaurant and Gavin decided to buy Trisha and I roses. It was sweet. :) They were very pretty, too:
On Sunday, John and Gavin went back to the track for the day so me, Trisha and Mo spent the afternoon on the beach on and off. It was overcast in the morning but still so cool to sit outside on these beautiful rocks that kind of jutted out into the water. Trisha and I talked for a long time out there before we decided to go get lunch. Isn't this neat:
When we got hungry, we picked another wonderful looking spot for lunch and sat outside. In the words of Mo, it was divine:
We stayed on the beach until about 5pm and then had to go pick up the guys at the track and, sadly, make our way back home. Sigh... It was super fun to be off on our first weekend getaway and, the best part is, we all travel so well together! That's a big plus and a sign of true friendship, that's for sure. I feel like such a lucky gal right now. Italy suuuuure is nice... 


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Sigh! So much fun. That pic of you, Trisha & John as the race drivers killllls me! Hahahaha!

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Crackee you look WAY to comfortable in Italy! YOU better come back home when your time is up! Your pictures are awesome!!!