Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting Adjusted

Our first week of school was really eventful and tiring. We got thrown right into things so, when the weekend arrived, I actually canceled the plans I originally had to go to Florence. I felt like I should have my first weekend here to kinda get acclimated and adjusted to actually living in Italy. The gals I share an apartment with stuck to the Florence plan so I took advantage of having the place to myself to clean, really unpack and make myself at home.

Gavin and Trisha hung back in Colorno with me so the three of us decided to go on a long bike ride on Saturday to explore more of our little town. It was such an amazing day, really. The three of us saw beautiful things during our ride and I stopped to snap a few photos along the way:
I loved that blue building so much:
Look at these guys we ran into:
After our ride, we stopped for a few leisurely beers before heading to the grocery store. I'm telling you, I just can't get over the tomatoes in Italy. Again, zero modification to this photo at all:
Aren't they something else? How about the cherries:
Life is quite different here, that's for sure. I could become a vegetarian easily with produce like this. (Don't get too excited, Bryan.)

After we rested for a bit, the three of us went to dinner and then out to the pub. If we had any question as to where the pub is, we got our answer:
There literally are about three solid restaurants in town and the pub is the only "going out" spot. It's perfect for me though because it's a dive bar with all kinds of outdoor seating so you know I love that!

It was a really awesome, low key day and I'm glad I could spend it with Trisha and Gavin. I'm also really glad to have had some down time to rest and get acclimated to my new life a little bit. I'm still in awe of being here and that's a really neat feeling!

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