Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Evening with Glen Hansard

This city is chock full of the coolest things to do, I swear. As New Yorkers, you often overlook the really amazing events going on right under your nose and I'm thankful that my friend, An, actually enjoys scouring the city for unique and different happenings. A couple of weeks ago, she found out that Glen Hansard was doing a show at The Met and I thought that just sounded so cool. I asked Allison if she'd be interested so the three of us ladies had an exceptional visit to Ireland for a day. ;)

When we got to The Met, it turned out that our ticket got us access to the guitar exhibit as well so we decided to check it out first. Oh my gosh, it was amazing! Some of the craftsmanship on these guitars was outstanding and so beautiful. We browsed around for quite a while in awe of the designs and shapes of some of them. During my two years of guitar lessons, I never got tired of learning about the history of these instruments and just how intricate and detailed they are. It was an awesome exhibit to see.

When we went back upstairs for the show, we had no idea it was taking place in the Temple Room OR that Harpoon was sponsoring the entire thing! It was the freaking coolest setup and all three of us couldn't get over how unexpected it was. We drank delicious Harpoon summer ale and enjoyed such a beautiful concert. His song 'falling slowly' is just so lovely and, when he performed that, it felt really reverent when you combined it with our surroundings:
It was definitely a great experience and right in my neighborhood, no less. Afterward, An and I went for all you can eat sushi at Yuka (seriously the best I've ever had in this city, no joke) and rounded out a really fun evening. :)

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