Monday, May 23, 2011

A Special Weekend In Baltimore

Since I've lived in New York, I've been quite blessed to be able to make the trip to Baltimore many times to visit my dear friends, Amanda and Jay. I've talked about Amanda a ton but I just have to reiterate how much I adore her and I have a very uniquely special friendship with Jay outside of her, too. The pair of them are so special to me and, with each year that goes by, our friendships continue to strengthen and grow. I just love them. A whole new chapter is about to begin for them as Amanda is less than a month away from having their first baby.

I made the trip to Baltimore this past weekend to be a part of her baby shower and it was such a fabulous visit. I took Friday off work and hopped on the 8:00am bus which proved to be awesome. I had zero issues which never ever ever happens to me when I take the bus. I actually got in 20 minutes early, in fact! That, my friends, is a very big treat. Amanda met me at the bus station and I just about died when she got out of the car. She's absolutely adorable with her baby belly and what's even better is that she's 100% the same Amanda, not an ounce different. I think a lot of women who are pregnant or moms already tend to change drastically and a lot of times that comes with excuses. It's well known that my three very best girl friends are all incredibly different from one another but they each possess one very rare quality - they choose to remain who they are, even in marriage and with children. It's my favorite part about about them and why I can call the three of them my best friends. Amanda is quick to say that she will "never say never" and that she realizes motherhood might make her different in a not so great way. However, the important thing is she's aware that it's a decision to change who you are. I look up to Erica greatly in this way because, even with two children, she makes time for the things that are important to her and doesn't make excuses. At any rate, it's refreshing. 

After Amanda picked me up, we went to meet Jay and his parents, Johnny and Kasey, and his sister, Greer, for lunch. I haven't seen Jay's parents in so long and I just adore them! It was wonderful catching up and then me, Amanda and Greer went to the salon to get nails done. We had a totally relaxed day, talked about everything under the sun, drank some delicious sparkling rose...just had a lovely day together. That evening, it was off to the Orioles game which was an absolute blast: 
I mean honestly, could Amanda be more adorable:
I must mention that coming to Baltimore means drinking plenty of Natty Boh, too. I feel so at home:
We made it an early night since we were all pretty beat and had a long day ahead for the shower on Saturday.  Amanda's sister-in-law, Nicole, threw the shower at her beautiful home in Leesburg about an hour away while all the guys went to play golf. The weather couldn't have been nicer and the day spent with my favorite people in Amanda's life was really special. I was overjoyed to share this time with everyone and I couldn't stop smiling as we celebrated the anticipation of baby Jack's arrival. What priceless time together:
Amanda's adorable mom who is more fun than some of my friends my age:
 My skillet:
The whole day passed way too fast and eventually we headed back to Baltimore. I got a couple of beers with Greer (seriously, two natty bohs were only $5 which always makes me question why the heck I live in NYC) while the guys showered and then it was off to dinner at Saute. It was such a nice end to a truly lovely day.

My bus was pretty early on Sunday and the goodbyes came way too fast. I loved my time with the Walther/Mulvihill families and it was the kind of visit that will make me smile for days after. I absolutely cannot wait to meet baby Jack this summer and I pray such blessing over this sweet family. I thank god all the time for the gift that Amanda and Jay are to me. June 22nd will be here in a blink and we'll welcome a very special baby boy to the world. :)

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