Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Crisp Fall Kickoff Day

It blows my mind that summer is over. It's a good thing that Fall is my favorite season or else I might be really sad to say goodbye to summer! I was looking back at some old posts earlier and I'm happy about what a different feel is in the air for me this year. I also got pumped up about putting my cute little banner and decorations up. I'm so cheesy, I swear.

Usually, the start of football season is the way I kick off Fall but, thanks to Camille's adorable mom, that got changed up this year. Camille's parents live in Petaluma and they have gorgeous land complete with chickens and everything. They also have apple trees which is so awesome! Her mom decided to pick some fresh apples and ship them to Camille as a surprise. Things like this get me so excited! Since there were so many apples, we decided to have a "hello to Fall" baking day. :)

Camille and I went over to Allison's apartment yesterday and decided that apple crisp with oat topping would be our treat of choice. Of course, we got all girly about how cute the apples were. We eventually did manage to get to work:
We wouldn't be us if something ridiculous didn't happen during the course of the day, though. Camille got a little oat happy and somehow managed to make the container explode:
Hahahaha, oooops! We cracked up over that for a while and then it was back to work again. Butter and cinnamon, mmm:
While it was baking, we got a surprise visit from Scott who promptly demanded a piece "whether it's done or not". That's Scott for you! :P We told him not to have an appletude, hahaha. It was pretty darn torturous sitting around while we smelled it baking, though. It smelled like Fall and comfort and we got excited all over again. We are such girls! An hour later, it was done and the finished product was SO good:
It was such a fun day spending time together doing something different. Now, we all feel like we can officially welcome Fall and say farewell to summer. We already have plenty more ideas of what we can bake next, hooray! :)

Side note, a huge happy birthday to my wonderful Erica. I love you, friend!

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